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31 Jul 2013

10 Best Lighting Design Ideas for Living Room

The lighting design in the living room is one of the essential elements that is creating the entire outlook and appeal of the same. The lighting design should be appropriate to the current style of the living
30 Jul 2013

10 Best Living Room Storage Ideas

Creating an appealing and modern outlook of your living room mostly depends on how you will manage to organize the space and the storage in the same. Naturally, the living room storage most often is set to
29 Jul 2013

Top 10 Ikea Living Room Designs

IKEA is more then a Swedish furniture retail, IKEA is more then a furniture brand, IKEA is more like idea provider for your home. We are all very familiar with the concept of this Swedish company, and
27 Jul 2013

Top 10 Summer Living Room Ideas

Naturally, summer is the best season of the year according to most of the people. There is something about summer that is waking up all your senses and make you to feel happy all the time. Therefore
26 Jul 2013

10 Best Color Schemes for Living Room

The essential rule while decorating your living room is “never underestimate the power of color”. Since the color that will prevail in your living room will be at the same time the main indicator of the dominant
24 Jul 2013

Top 10 Wallpapers for Living Room

While decorating your living room, you have to pay special attention on the walls. Because the walls play a major role in providing your living room with a specific identity. Wallpapers in decorating are one of the
23 Jul 2013

10 Best White Living Room Ideas

White as a main color in your living room is always a good idea. White living room is all times ultimate choice for any kind of taste. White is a perfect color for reflecting clean and pure
22 Jul 2013

Top 10 Minimalist Living Room Decorating Ideas

Deciding the style of your living room is one of the most important things while decorating your home. The style that will prevail in your living room  should be appropriate to your personal style and your energy.