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30 Sep 2013

Best 10 Living room Designs with a Luxurious Chandelier

For centuries the Chandelier in the interiors has represented royalty, luxury and glamour. Nowadays, in the new and the contemporary era of decorating, while many things have been changed the Chandelier remains a synonym for a well
28 Sep 2013

10 Black Leather Sofa Designs

The Black Leather Sofa in the interior design is the same like The Little Black Dress in the fashion world. The black leather sofa is the ultimate choice for every living room regardless of the style that
27 Sep 2013

10 Striped Wall Designs in Living Room

Striped walls are a great way to do something different and unique on the walls and to provide your living room with an interesting and stylish note. The striped walls will bring a creative and modern accent
25 Sep 2013

10 Best Chic and Modern Living Room Designs

The Chic style is not difficult to define, because when you see some interior that is stylish and fancy on many levels and in a subtle, distinctive way then you know that is chic. The chic style
24 Sep 2013

10 Pretty and Vintage Sofa for your Living Room

Without any doubt, sofa is the most important element in the living room. The sofa in your living room should be comfortable but it should also determine the style and identity of the place. Naturally, you should
23 Sep 2013

10 creative pillows for a modern living room

When it comes to pillows we all know their implacable power to provide the place with amazing, creative and cozy note. Even though the pillows often seem like small insignificant element in the process of decorating, they
21 Sep 2013

10 Modern Animal print rug for your living room

If you are a fan of the modern and chic ways of decorating the living room, then you ought to think unique and be ready to add a sassy and spicy element in the place. For instance
20 Sep 2013

Best 10 Wooden Panel Designs for Homey Living Room

The walls in your living room can be treated in many different ways, such as you can leave the concrete wall or add a creative mural or wallpaper. Anyway, if you want to bring a warm and