Monthly Archive:: October 2013

31 Oct 2013

10 Best Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Naturally, pumpkins are the essential and inevitable part of Halloween. The jack-o lanterns and pumpkin carving is one of the oldest Halloween tradition. Pumpkin carving for Halloween is a fun, creative process that requires only a pumpkin
30 Oct 2013

10 Halloween Decoration Ideas for your Living Room

Halloween is almost here and is that time of the year when you should create a super spooky and scary ambiance in your living room. Bats, jack-o lanterns, spiders and skeleton decorations will help you to create
29 Oct 2013

Best Living Room Designs with Polka Dots Accents

The key to creating a fresh, modern and lively appearance of the living room is bringing unique and fun patterns in the place such as the polka dots. The polka dots are creative and fun pattern that
28 Oct 2013

Fall decoration Ideas for the Living Room

Even if most of the people enjoy more in the summer and in all benefits that come along with this season, we cannot deny the fact that fall is the season where the nature itself is one
26 Oct 2013

Best Floral Curtain Designs for Pretty Living Room

The curtains in the living room have a big role in enhancing the visual aesthetics and providing the place with specific charm and beauty. If you want to provide your living room with lively and warm charm,
25 Oct 2013

10 Modern Floor Lamp Designs for your Living Room

The Floor Lamp will help you to illuminate the living room and also will help you to enhance the aesthetics of the place and provide it with contemporary and modern touch. A modern floor lamp has an
23 Oct 2013

10 Amazing Velvet Sofa Designs for your Living Room

The furniture in your living room can determine the style in the same. Most often the sofa is the main style indicator in the living room, and the material of the sofa is an indicator of its
22 Oct 2013

10 Modern Glass Top Coffee Table Designs

If you strive to create a modern ambiance in your living room, you should choose a modern and classy coffee table, since the coffee table is the center and the focal point in the room. The modern