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16 May 2014

40 Creative Door Mat Ideas For Living Room [Part 2]

Hey guys! I am back as I promised with the remaining 20 door mat ideas in the second part of this post that are not just creative but can alter the way your living rooms look! Here
12 May 2014

40 Creative Door Mat Ideas For Living Room [Part 1]

The entrance to the main hall or living room of your home is often decorated with a boring looking door mat, an eyesore that ought to be done away with! Door mats need not be dull and
26 Feb 2014

12 Unique Wine Rack Inspiration Designs

Displaying your very own collection of wines, however modest your collection may be, is a great way to up the design level of your living room. Now we all know that to maintain the best qualities for
10 Feb 2014

Top 12 Ideas to Decorate Living Room with Scarves

With a bit of creativity you’ll discover that there are a lot of ways that you can do to decorate your living room without draining your bank accounts. For instance, why not use old scarves that you’re
27 Jan 2014

12 Artistic and Abstract Table Sculptures

Artistic and abstract table sculptures when used appropriately keeping in mind your room and its design, never cease to look out of place. Table sculptures add to the décor and aesthetic value of your rooms and the
13 Jan 2014

10 Safari Animals Table Sculptures

The decorative statues can work as a great accessory for providing your living room with sumptuous and lively ambiance. In case you want to create a wild and exotic ambiance in your living room, then you ought
30 Dec 2013

10 Modern Wall Clock Designs for the Living Room

Nowadays, living in the new digital era with Smartphones, people tend to neglect the wall clock and ignore the importance of a wall clock in the room. Nevertheless, every modern and sophisticated living room should have a
13 Dec 2013

How to decorate with pillows

There is an old saying that goes “Never underestimate the power of the little things,” that is exactly the case with the pillows in decorating. At the first thought, pillows are not the most important thing when