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27 Aug 2014

15 Half Painted Wall Decor Ideas

Home designing is a complex procedure and involves paying attention to every facet that is considered vital when redecorating homes. When we speak of home designing, there is a feature that needs as much attention as any
20 Aug 2014

18 Feminine Living Room Design Ideas

If you are someone that wishes to incorporate feminine touch to every nook and corner of your living area, it is a must that you make use of pastel colors and accents almost everywhere, ranging from wall
13 Aug 2014

15 Creative Wall Hook Designs

In today’s post, we will talk a little something about wall hooks and present the top 15 such designs that are not just visually appealing but handy too. Wall hooks are objects of immense utility that are
6 Aug 2014

15 Unique Child Bean Bag Chair Design Ideas

Bean bag chairs have always decked up living rooms or for that matter any room simply because these look trendy and are very comfortable to rest and relax. Children love the concept of bean bags as these
11 Jul 2014

50 Fresh Interior Design Trends For Living Room in 2014 [Part 2]

Hey people! We are back with the second part of the previous post that listed the top 25 interior design trends for living rooms in 2014. This post will jot down the rest 25 design trends that
3 Jul 2014

50 Fresh Interior Design Trends For Living Room in 2014 [Part 1]

We are already midway through 2014 and in a few more months will enter into the next year. Have you planned about refurnishing your home yet? If you are thinking of making some innovative changes to your