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26 May 2014

50 Elegant Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room [Part 2]

We are back again to discuss the remaining 25 lighting fixtures for decorating your living rooms that would offer you a chance to introspect your own lighting systems and do a make over to create that ‘oh
23 May 2014

50 Elegant Lighting Fixtures for Your Living Room [Part 1]

Proper lighting is a prerequisite when you think of remodeling or renovating your house. Without sufficient lighting, a room can look dull and dark, thereby bringing in negative energy inside the house. However, one needs to research
26 Nov 2013

10 Modern Minimalist Wall Sconces

Naturally lighting is the essential part of creating and decorating the living room. A well-lighted room is a well-decorated room. If you were striving to create a modern and stylish living room, then you should choose wall
19 Nov 2013

10 Wrought Iron Chandelier Designs

The lighting solution in the living room will not only help you to illuminate the place, but also enhance the aesthetics of the same. The chandeliers are never out of fashion and will surely help you to
4 Nov 2013

10 Wonderful Pendant Luminaire Designs for your Home

Living in the new era where the creativity of the person’s mind have no limits and the design of simple things is improved and advanced, we are surrounded with items with a remarkable design. That is the
25 Oct 2013

10 Modern Floor Lamp Designs for your Living Room

The Floor Lamp will help you to illuminate the living room and also will help you to enhance the aesthetics of the place and provide it with contemporary and modern touch. A modern floor lamp has an
30 Sep 2013

Best 10 Living room Designs with a Luxurious Chandelier

For centuries the Chandelier in the interiors has represented royalty, luxury and glamour. Nowadays, in the new and the contemporary era of decorating, while many things have been changed the Chandelier remains a synonym for a well
3 Sep 2013

10 Best Skylights for Living Room

Choosing a proper lighting solution such as the skylight will help you to create a beautiful and modern living room. A strategically planned skylight will provide your living room with natural light and ventilation which will bring