Living Room Designs Archive

20 Aug 2014

18 Feminine Living Room Design Ideas

If you are someone that wishes to incorporate feminine touch to every nook and corner of your living area, it is a must that you make use of pastel colors and accents almost everywhere, ranging from wall
25 Jul 2014

20 Eclectic Hallway Design Ideas

Our hallways are an often neglected space in the house. We reserve all our creativity and talents for our living rooms and bedrooms but when it comes to the hallway we are lost for ideas. But this
11 Jul 2014

50 Fresh Interior Design Trends For Living Room in 2014 [Part 2]

Hey people! We are back with the second part of the previous post that listed the top 25 interior design trends for living rooms in 2014. This post will jot down the rest 25 design trends that
3 Jul 2014

50 Fresh Interior Design Trends For Living Room in 2014 [Part 1]

We are already midway through 2014 and in a few more months will enter into the next year. Have you planned about refurnishing your home yet? If you are thinking of making some innovative changes to your
8 May 2014

16 Contemporary Grey and Green Living Room Designs

Green and grey are an all time favorite color combo to be used by many when decorating their homes, specially living rooms since these colors add brightness infused with style and elegance. If you plan to decorate
2 May 2014

15 Hawaiian Themed Living Rooms

Hawaiian themed living rooms look very beautiful and tropical in appearance. These rooms have a distinct style and class with bright tones of colors used everywhere. Living rooms designed as per this style look vibrant and very
31 Mar 2014

18 Red and Brown Living Room Designs

Living room is the most used among the rest of the areas in your house and as such needs to appear good and glamorous. There are various kinds of designs available for decorating your living rooms, but,
26 Mar 2014

15 Tips to Create a Comfortable Living Space in your Budget

With the economy not doing too well, most of us are burdened with the high costs of living and sustenance. This applies greatly when you are planning to decorate your homes since money problem haunts all of