10 Fabulous Mid-century Modern Living Rooms

People who have watched the ultra popular show Mad Man are surely familiar with the Mid-Century style of decorating the interiors, and for the ones who have not watched the show, Mid-Century is a 60’s inspired way of decorating the interior. The Mid-century style is really distinctive and sophisticated way of decorating the interior; it includes warm autumn colors, funky patterns and retro furniture. Check out the below list of most stylish and cool Mid Century living rooms.

1. Airy Mid Century living Room

The plain white walls and the natural sunlight that comes from the big wide windows are creating the airy appearance of this Mid-century decorated living room.

Airy Mid Century living Room

2. Bright Mid Century Living Room

The bright oak panel is really making a warm appeal of this cool and stylish Mid-century living room. The mid century light green armchair is surely the focal point of the room.

Bright Mid Century Living Room

3. Causal Mid Century

The ceiling light fan in combination with the Mid Century navy blue armchair is providing this living room with a bright and lighthearted appearance.

Causal Mid Century

4. Chic Mid Century Living room

The pastel colored furniture pieces are really making a Mid-Century statement in this light and stylish living room.

Chic Mid Century Living room

5. Contemporary Mid Century

This is really amazing and fabulous Mid-century living room. The window walls are merging the beauty of the exterior and are providing this place with natural light.

Contemporary Mid Century

6. Modern Mid Century Design

The accent stone wall in combination with the classy Mid-Century furniture is providing this living room with modern feel.

Modern Mid Century Design

7. Open Plan Mid Century

The presence of only two colors is a great idea if you want to attain a Mid Century appearance of your living room.

Open Plan Mid Century

8. Pastel Mid Century Living room

This pastel Mid-Century living room reflects calm and relaxing ambiance thanks to the smart furniture arrangement.

Pastel Mid Century Living room

9. Rustic Mid Century Living Room

The oak panels are providing this Mid-Century living room with formal and rustic appeal.

Rustic Mid Century Living Room

10. Spacious Mid Century

The bright red sofa without back really stands out in this living room and are providing with cool and modern note.

Spacious Mid Century

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