10 Warm Craftsman Living Room Designs

Craftsman design applies to a living room decorated with dominance of wooden materials, authentic antiques, natural and warm colors. The craftsman design relates also to a cottage-like and rustic feel of the living room. Craftsman living room includes handmade furniture, hardwood and authentic hand made accessories. The focal point of a craftsman living room usually is a fireplace with natural stones. Craftsman design is perfect for people who want to attain a rustic and natural feel in their living room. We are going to present you a showcase of warm craftsman living room designs which could serve as inspiration.

1. Bright Craftsman Living Room

The warm yellow color of this living room sets up a bright and natural feel and the colorful tiles around the fireplace add an exotic and warm touch in this craftsman living room.

Bright Craftsman Living Room

2. Charming Craftsman Living Room

The dark wooden beams provide this place with warm and earthy scent, and yet the beige plain walls matching the beige furniture add a natural and airy feel.

Charming Craftsman Living room

3. Cottage Like Craftsman Living Room

The dominance of the wooden material is providing a really warm and beautiful ambiance in this modern craftsman living room.

Cottage Like Craftsman Living Room

4. Eclectic Craftsman Living Room

The statement stone fireplace is the focal point of this warm and beautiful craftsman living room.

Eclectic Craftsman Living Room

5. Family Craftsman Living Room

The dark brown leather furniture sets up the craftsman tone in this warm and natural living room.

Family Craftsman Living room

6. Fresh Outlook Craftsman Living Room

The fireplace made of bricks adds a warm and modern note in this beautiful light living room.

Fresh Outlook Craftsman Living Room

7. Natural Craftsman Living Room

The high value wooden ceiling is providing the place with rustic and warm feel, and the natural stone fireplace sets up the craftsman note in the living room.

Natural Craftsman Living room

8. Rustic Craftsman Living Room

This is really beautiful and appealing living room. The stone fireplace is the focal point of the place and the antique chandelier adds the craftsman appearance of the place.

Rustic Craftsman Living Room

9. Warm Craftsman Living Room

The wooden roof beams in combination with the plain white walls and the natural stone fireplace add a rustic craftsman vibe in this living room.

Warm Craftsman Living room

10. Beautiful Craftsman Living Room

The pale green walls provide this craftsman living room with calming and relaxing ambiance.

Beautiful Craftsman Living room

What do you think about these designs? Do you have more ideas on your own?

Share all of your ideas in the comments below.

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