Living Room Ideas Archive

18 Jul 2014

15 Helpful Tips for Creating Bright Living Rooms

The living room is an often used space in the house, used mostly by its inhabitants for relaxation and socializing. A colorless and lackluster room strikes a depressing note while on the other hand a bright and
28 Apr 2014

15 Best Home Library Ideas for Living Room

In this article I am going to put down the top 15 home library ideas that you can use to deck up your living rooms since these rooms are most utilized and now days most home owners
21 Apr 2014

15 Tips to Design Living Room Interiors with Spring Theme

Spring season is here and if you are redecorating your living areas now, it is suggested that you read the following 15 tips on how to design the interiors of your living rooms with the spring theme.
18 Apr 2014

15 Stylish Dark Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are perhaps the most used areas in houses where one spends a considerable chunk of their time. As such these rooms need to be decorated well so as to lend a feeling of comfort. Look
15 Apr 2014

18 Traditional Open Living Room Ideas

Planning to redecorate your living rooms? If yes, then you can opt to have an open plan for your room and add more color and space to it. I am listing out the top 18 traditional open
12 Apr 2014

12 Tips to Select Area Rugs for your Living Room

Just as good furnishing adds beauty to your room, a good area rug, too, is vital for the room to appear glamorous and comfortable. A rug, if not chosen carefully can mar the total appearance of a
21 Mar 2014

12 Window Seat Design Ideas for Living Room

Homes that have large spaces along with windows where there is lots of sunshine can comfortably accommodate window seats that look not just beautiful but also offer extra seating and save space. Most of us always have
14 Mar 2014

15 Living Room Decorating Ideas for 2014

How about redecorating your living room as per the current trends of the year 2014? If you are seriously thinking about decorating your living room, read the post below and get inspired by the top 15 living