Wall Decorating Ideas Archive

27 Aug 2014

15 Half Painted Wall Decor Ideas

Home designing is a complex procedure and involves paying attention to every facet that is considered vital when redecorating homes. When we speak of home designing, there is a feature that needs as much attention as any
25 Apr 2014

16 Tips to Decorate Living Room Walls with a Wall Collage

Walls are an integral part of your living rooms and these cannot be left ignored lest you want a drab looking room that has no appeal or beauty. These days, home designers are coming out with various
11 Mar 2014

18 Metallic Wall Decorating Ideas for your Living Room

Living rooms need to look vibrant and beautiful since we spend most of our time here and hence they must be fashionable and elegant. Wall decoration is an art and it requires the hands of an artist
24 Jan 2014

10 Pop Wall Artworks for Home Décor

Pop wall artworks are a very in thing nowadays in the interior designing field. Everyone likes to install aesthetic and beautiful artworks in their living rooms, bedrooms or even kitchen areas. They do enhance and increase the
25 Dec 2013

10 Unique Living Room Wall Decors

If you want to escape the routine of decorating the walls in the living room with common artwork or framed pictures and you want to try something different, unique and daring, then you are on the right
11 Dec 2013

Top 10 Accents Wall Designs in the Living Room

Decorating the living room is a creative process which requires a lot of imagination and that sometimes can be stressful. But as long as you are decorating the walls in the living room you don’t need to
29 Nov 2013

Top 10 Living Room with Printed Wallpapers

The walls in your living room give you the freedom to express creativity and moreover to provide your living room with a specific identity and style. If you strive to create a modern living room with bold
21 Nov 2013

Pop Art Pieces for modern and fresh look of the Living Room

The extremely popular art movement – Pop Art is a movement that sublimes the simplicity of everyday’s life items and Pop Culture. The trademark of the Pop Art movement it’s the popular Andy Warhol’s clone technique and